DrillDance Costumes

We are currently booked out for the 2023/24 DrillDance season.

If you have been a customer for the past 2+ seasons you will have a spot reserved for you until October.

If you have only recently started ordering from us in the 2022/23 season or you are a new customer the cut off date for orders will be early September.  We will not be able to accept all orders so contact us as soon as you know your requirements.

As well as costumes we supply tights, training uniforms, hair accessories, boots, costume bags and pretty much anything you can think of! 

We do not have standard pricing for thematic routines as this can vary greatly depending on fabric chosen, trims, quantity etc.

We have a price guide for Drill Leotards below.  We are unable to negotiate any of our pricing (our own club does not get a discount) we are a business like any other.

DRILL LEOTARD Leotard Base (One Colour)  Leotard With Design
Under 8 Starting at $60 Starting at $100
Junior (Under 13) Starting at $80 Starting at $120
Intermediate Starting at $100 Starting at $150
Senior Starting at $120* Starting at $180*

*surcharge applies for sizes 3X, 4X & 5X

Please be aware that we cannot guarantee fabric availability after initial order as buying wholesale fabric is a very different process than buying it retail.  Minimum purchase for a new design is 6.  Minimum purchase for an initial plain base is 4.

We do not offer fittings for drill leotards.  You will need to buy from the size chart and any alterations are your responsibility as well as if the wrong size is purchased.  Our size chart is tried and tested and if measured correctly is accurate.  We can also provide male pants/shorts & Jackets.  Pricing upon request.

We prefer that orders for team leotards be completed prior to Victorian competition season.  Please do not finalise your order for production if your uniform is not approved.  We can supply designs for you to choose from or can work from your design.  If we supply the design but for some reason you choose another costume maker our design cannot be replicated as this is an infringement on our intellectual property.  If you cannot afford our pricing or want to make the costume yourself we also sell fabric and leotard patterns and are happy to help with selection.  

Our fabric and trims are of the highest quality and our prices as an industry standard are considered very low.  Each costume requires a minimum of 6 hours sewing plus at least an hour per size to draft the pattern as well as wear and tear on our equipment which is maintained regularly.

The below size chart is for most leotard designs, if you need to work off of a different chart it will be provided.  The girth measurement is usually the most important for leotard sizing.  If between sizes go up a size.

How to measure for a leotard:

Please remember that the girth measurement needs to go all the way around the torso back to the starting point.  

We do still provide Masters Drill uniforms however due to time constraints with our growing client base these will now be ordered off of a size chart with alterations to be completed yourself.

More leotard information can be found here