Leather Buckle Tap Shoes


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These shoes are rarely kept in store, contact us to order if your size is not in stock.  If in stock at our supplier they will arrive in store in 3-5 business days.  Also available in black.


These measurements are the inside length of the shoe, please measure the inside length of a shoe that fits them well.

Child AU 7.5   14.5cm
Child AU 8    15cm 
Child AU 9   16cm
Child AU  10  16.5cm
Child AU 10.5   17cm
Child AU  11  17.5cm
Child AU 11.5   18cm
Child AU 12   18.5cm
Child AU 12.5     18.7cm
Child AU 13   19. Cm
Child AU 13.5     19.5cm

AU size 1      20 cm
AU size 1.5      20.5cm
AU  size 2      21. cm
AU  size 3       21.5cm
AU size 3.5       21.57cm
AU size 4      22cm  
AU size 4.5     22.5cm
AU size 5      23 cm
AU size 5.5    23.2cm
AU size 6     23.5cm
AU Size 6.5     24cm
AU  size  7   24.5cm
AU size 7.5    25cm
AU  size 8       25.5cm
AU size 8.5   26cm
AU  size 9      26.3cm
AU  size 10  27cm