Maxi-Lock Stretch Thread


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Maxi-Lock Stretch is a specially-formulated textured nylon thread (otherwise known as woolly nylon). Ideal for use in the upper and lower loopers of an overlocker/serger, the looper of a coverstitch machine, and the bobbin of a sewing machine, this thread produces seams that expand and contract with tension, eliminating the occurrence of popped seams when using stretch knit garments and projects. Additionally, Maxi-Lock Stretch is suitable for creating a solid-colored edge on rolled hems, thanks to its wool-like texture that eliminates the white space between stitches. This 2000 yard spool of thread is suitable for all stretch knit fabrics, such as those used for fashion apparel, activewear, lingerie, and swimwear.


2000 yards converts to 1828 metres.